2 Ways to Get Rid of Used Needles and Syringes Properly

2 Ways to Get Rid of Used Needles and Syringes Properly

If you or your loved ones are among the many people who use syringes for the management of your healthcare at home, then you may find yourself facing the dilemma of how to properly dispose of your used materials. It is important to remember to take special care when it comes to the disposal of these medical supplies so as to protect yourself and others from injury, as well as keep the environment safe.

Since our aim is to ensure that our clients attain an optimal level of wellness, our team at Warren Care Pharmacy has come up with a few things that you might need to know regarding the proper and safe disposal of syringes, needles, clippers, and lancets.

First, as an organization offering first-rate pharmaceutical services in Michigan, we advise you to always be sure to put your syringes and needles in a sharps disposal container immediately after using them. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, doing so actually reduces your risk of getting injured from loose sharps, thereby, preventing the possibility of infection. So, whether you are traveling or not, always bring a small, travel-size sharps container with you. Furthermore, never reuse your sharps containers and keep them away from kids and pets. Keep in mind not to clip, bend, or recap them.

On the other hand, when your sharps containers are about three-fourths full, you have to follow the disposal procedures accepted in your community. Disposal programs and guidelines can vary from place to place, so make sure to check with the health department or your local trash removal services to know what methods are available. Your community may provide options, such as supervised collection sites, household hazardous waste collection sites, mail-back programs, or residential special waste pick-up services for you to choose from.

Should you have further questions on the matter, don’t hesitate to contact your local pharmacy in Warren, Michigan.

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