How to Properly Read Your Prescription Label (Part 2)


Most people won’t take the time to read the information on their prescription label. However, the things printed on this little square of paper might just be what saves you from a lot of frustrations and complications with your medication.

Here are a couple of helpful prints you can find on your prescription label.

  • Prescription order-related information
    Every prescription must be assigned a number, known as a serial number, but usually referred to as a “prescription number” or “Rx number.” This number is automatically generated by the pharmacy every time a new prescription is ordered.
  • Date-related information.
    There are 3 important dates that usually appear of labels. The filling date, the drug expiration date, and the prescription expiration date.
  • Other information.
    This may include the following: pharmacist/tech initials, safety cap preference, bar code, and federal warning.

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