Learn How to Manage Your Medications While Traveling

Learn How to Manage Your Medications While Traveling

We at Warren Care Pharmacy understand traveling can be stressful enough without the added pressure of taking your medication in a timely manner. When you plan on traveling someplace foreign, it’s important to store your medicine with you for your health and safety.

As a reliable provider of pharmaceutical services in Michigan, we suggest ways you can manage your medications while traveling:

  • If you have a flight to catch, always make sure you pack your medicine in a carry-on luggage, so you can bring it with you. This ensures you have it ready when you need to take it. Consider bringing extra with you in case of flight delays that will require you to extend your travel.
  • It would also help to create a list of your medicines indicating the reason you take it, how often, and other important phone numbers, including your doctor and trusted pharmacy in Warren, Michigan. You can also include other relevant information, such as any allergies and medical conditions you may have.
  • Make sure you keep this list in your wallet or passport holder for easy access. Tell the people you’re traveling with about the list and where you’ve kept it – this applies to any medical supplies you may have packed with you as well. In case of emergency or should you need someone to buy your medicine for you, you can conveniently refer to this list.
  • Keep in mind that your medicines’ brand name may be different in another country. While it can treat the same condition, it may contain ingredients not suitable for your health. Should you need a refill, always tell the pharmacist the generic name and the reason why you’re taking the medicine.

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