Slowing down the Progression of Glaucoma

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There is no way to completely prevent the occurrence of glaucoma. However, a top-of-its-class pharmacy in Warren, Michigan will tell you that you can still preserve your eyesight if you can detect and treat glaucoma in its earliest stages.

The first step you can take to slow down the progression of glaucoma is to visit your eye specialist and get a comprehensive eye examination on a regular basis. This way, your doctor can keep track of any changes in your vision. People younger than thirty years old ought to get an eye checkup every four years. If they are between the age of forty and fifty, they must visit their ophthalmologist or optometrist every three years. Meanwhile, an eye exam is necessary every two years for individuals between the age of fifty and sixty, and every six months if they are older than sixty.

Another tip you should consider is getting prompt treatment. Your treatment options may include using eye drops or having to undergo traditional surgery or laser surgery if the eye drops didn’t work effectively. If your physician prescribed you with drugs or other medical supplies to help manage your glaucoma, don’t think twice about contacting us.

Warren Care Pharmacy also recommends that you shouldn’t forget to work out consistently in order to benefit your overall health. Wearing protective eyewear, enjoying a healthy, well-rounded diet, and lowering your insulin levels are also significant methods of slowing down glaucoma. Aside from that, taking your prescriptions exactly as directed by your healthcare provider is also crucial since missing your medicines could make your condition worse.

As a pharmacy offering exceptional pharmaceutical services in Michigan, we also suggest that you avoid smoking and drinking too much caffeine since these can raise your eye inflammation and blood pressure. Should you have additional questions about living with glaucoma, feel free to give us a call at your convenience.


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