Take Your Medications On Time, Every Time! (Part One)

Take Your Medications On Time, Every Time! (Part One)

As a leading provider of quality pharmaceutical services in Michigan, we advise that you always remember to follow closely the instructions of your healthcare professionals when they prescribe you with medications. This is because taking the correct amount of the right prescriptions at the right time constitutes an essential component of your ongoing health care.

Warren Care Pharmacy is quite aware, though, that there are a lot of reasons why patients would have trouble sticking to their dosing schedules. So, we are providing below a number of tips corresponding to the dosing issues you may have. Make sure to read on to know more.

  1. Reason: Forgetting to take their medications on time
    While this is a common occurrence for many people, we understand that it can be especially difficult for individuals who are taking a number of prescriptions with different dosing schedules. Our advice? Incorporate your medication schedules to your everyday activities. For instance, you can place your meds and other medical supplies near the breakfast table or attach a note to the refrigerator as a reminder. If you are more of the tech-savvy type of person, you can also download medication-related apps on your phone.
  2. Reason: Having trouble managing the side effects of their prescriptions
    We strongly recommend that you discuss with your primary care providers any unwanted effects that you may experience as a result of your medication intake. If your body is unable or unwilling to tolerate these side effects, your doctors may be able to prescribe you with an alternative, such as more friendly drugs or medication with a lower dosage than the ones you are currently taking.
  3. Reason: Forgetting or not knowing when or how to take their medications
    The instructions are usually printed on the prescriptions’ packaging, so just read and understand them carefully. If you are having trouble interpreting the instructions, call your clinicians’ office or your exemplary pharmacy in Warren, Michigan for assistance.

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