Protect Your Joints as You Age

Most people don’t think much about their joints until they start complaining. There are only so much medical supplies you can use to soothe your pains. Your joints deserve attention long before they cause continuous discomfort. Here are some tips for safeguarding your joints — and the cartilage that supports them — as you age: … Continue reading

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How to Properly Read Your Prescription Label (Part 2)

Most people won’t take the time to read the information on their prescription label. However, the things printed on this little square of paper might just be what saves you from a lot of frustrations and complications with your medication. Here are a couple of helpful prints you can find on your prescription label. Prescription … Continue reading

How to Properly Read Your Prescription Label (Part 1)

Have you ever looked carefully at and read everything on the label of the prescription medication you picked up from the pharmacy? Chances are, you haven’t. And that’s okay. Most patients probably glance at the drug name and directions but hardly notice anything else. you might be surprised at just how much information is contained … Continue reading

2 Ways to Get Rid of Used Needles and Syringes Properly

If you or your loved ones are among the many people who use syringes for the management of your healthcare at home, then you may find yourself facing the dilemma of how to properly dispose of your used materials. It is important to remember to take special care when it comes to the disposal of … Continue reading

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Stay Safe When Taking Dietary Supplements!

Despite their best efforts to get the expert-recommended intake of certain nutrients per day, many people still fall short of meeting them. As a result, a lot of clients in a top-tier pharmacy in Warren, Michigan turn to dietary supplements. Generally, supplements are used to cover the nutritional gaps in a person’s diet. In fact, … Continue reading

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Take Your Medications On Time, Every Time! (Part Two)

You might think that there’s no need to take your meds exactly as your healthcare providers have prescribed. However, as a provider of first-rate pharmaceutical services in Michigan, trust us when we say that adhering to your prescriptions is actually one of the best ways you can do to remain healthy and well. Not only … Continue reading

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