Take Your Medications On Time, Every Time! (Part One)

As a leading provider of quality pharmaceutical services in Michigan, we advise that you always remember to follow closely the instructions of your healthcare professionals when they prescribe you with medications. This is because taking the correct amount of the right prescriptions at the right time constitutes an essential component of your ongoing health care. … Continue reading

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Medication Shopping Tips: Understanding Side Effects and Drug Interaction

When taking meds, drug interaction and side effects are two of the most important considerations you have to keep in mind. Even before visiting a pharmacy in Warren, Michigan to buy your supplies, be sure to understand these two concepts to make better decisions when buying meds. What Are Side Effects? Side effects refer to … Continue reading

Guidelines When Choosing Supplements for the Family

Do you want to avoid micronutrient deficiency? Do you want your family to stay healthy for a long time? Because we can’t source minerals and vitamins solely from foods, it is but right to take supplements. But with the plethora of supplements in the market today, how can you determine the right one to buy? … Continue reading

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Slowing down the Progression of Glaucoma

There is no way to completely prevent the occurrence of glaucoma. However, a top-of-its-class pharmacy in Warren, Michigan will tell you that you can still preserve your eyesight if you can detect and treat glaucoma in its earliest stages. The first step you can take to slow down the progression of glaucoma is to visit … Continue reading

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A General Guide to Glaucoma

Although glaucoma can affect people at any age, this illness is a leading cause of blindness for older adults aged sixty and beyond. According to the Mayo Clinic, glaucoma actually refers to a group of eye issues that damage a person’s optic nerve, which is an important indicator of good vision. Many forms of glaucoma … Continue reading

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Friendly Reminders for a Successful Blood Glucose Monitoring at Home (Part Two)

In the previous blog, we at Warren Care Pharmacy discussed a few reminders that can help you monitor your or your loved ones’ blood glucose levels even while at home. Here is the rest of the list to aid you in managing your diabetes: Keep track of your medical supplies.  It is very important that … Continue reading